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I am leaving for my yearned holidays.

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  1. Denis (Homepage) wrote: Superb effect with this mist and these awesome colours. All an atmosphere of dream. Great one Happy holidays... or may be you are already back...
  2. grant (Homepage) wrote: you've caught a strange beauty
  3. John Maslowski (Homepage) wrote: A superb composition, beautiful landscape and tones. Just love the effect with the mist, excellent capture and work.
  4. Andy (Homepage) wrote: wonderful colors and I like the foggy atmosphere!
  5. jelb (Homepage) wrote: Bonjour, Very nice composition..Beautiful serenity..Bravo!
  6. BoB (Homepage) wrote: che tonalità stupenda, veramente bellissima foto
  7. ronan (Homepage) wrote: very great postcard ! Happy holidays
  8. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: Amazing and beautiful view. The colors and atmosphere are wonderful.
  9. Celanova (Homepage) wrote: Me encanta el color y la profundidad. Excelente foto.
  10. TP@Photoskiasi.com (Homepage) wrote: I wish you have awesome holidays Paolo and shoot more beautiful photos like this one ;)
  11. Alex (Homepage) wrote: Espectacular, parece que vaya a erupcionar en cualquier momento. Saludos.
  12. lee (Homepage) wrote: Stunning colors and composition.
  13. Olivier Jules (Homepage) wrote: stunning waterscape!!
  14. Nacho Carreras (Homepage) wrote: Gran imagen. Saludos.
  15. Andrés (Homepage) wrote: Truly beautiful colours!!
  16. Robert Kruh (Homepage) wrote: Great colours, lovely framed! Good luck Paolo!
  17. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: This screams Total Recall! Mars! Very very cool!
  18. Pere (Homepage) wrote: Me quedo con ese precioso tono cálido de la luz. Muy buen trabajo.
  19. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: The richness of color absolutely takes my breath away. Simply gorgeous!
  20. Elaine- (Homepage) wrote: utterly lovely shot, enjoy your holidays!
  21. Giovanni (Homepage) wrote: Che dire? Buone vacanze! E' il vesuvio? Bellissima foto!!
  22. Andrew (Homepage) wrote: I look forward to seeing more on your return. This is a fantastic image, with great softness and beautiful colors. Excellent.
  23. sherri (Homepage) wrote: So beautiful...enjoy...
  24. Lunamania (Homepage) wrote: Makes me want to take a deep breath and sigh...wonderful calming image
  25. Mike Paulison (Homepage) wrote: Hopefully, you're going to where this picture is. It's gorgeous. Great colors! Have a nice holiday.
  26. Beat (Homepage) wrote: nice colors but some kind also scary "Volcano Scene"
  27. Calusarus (Homepage) wrote: This landscape is a marvel…
  28. Pedro (Homepage) wrote: I like the composition, the red tones with the volcano profile, good shot. Happy holidays.
  29. Paolo (Homepage) wrote: goditele!
  30. bruno (Homepage) wrote: beautiful view. have fun on your vacation!
  31. Albert (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic colours!! Happy holidays, Paolo.
  32. CushmoK (Homepage) wrote: beautiful mood.. nostalgic feeling.
  33. Krims@nline.be (Homepage) wrote: Stunning shot ... awesome colors and contrast. Have a superb holiday and pls. return with more from these stunning shot's
  34. Dr.Ozdi (Homepage) wrote: Magical scene, fascinating colours...have a fun! Dr.
  35. pietro (Homepage) wrote: Impressing view...

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