cast away

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stranded on an uninhabited island

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  1. Claude (Homepage) wrote: Love the texture of the silvery water!
  2. Goncalo Figueiredo (Homepage) wrote: If my dreams could be resumed to a picture, I guess it wouldn't be too far from this. The perfect house, with the perfect playground.
  3. Tom (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful shot. Wish I was there. A little HDR to this image?
  4. bhk (Homepage) wrote: Oo, it's a place I want to escape to from time to time :)
  5. Cerstin (Homepage) wrote: Like Robinson, have you met Friday ?:-) Superb shot and postprocessing.
  6. (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic photo. Strong, sharp and vivid. I think you had great holidays. The place looks perfect for relaxing.
  7. Marie (Homepage) wrote: quelle belle transparence dans l'eau !
  8. Tom (Homepage) wrote: Nice one, ... whish I was there.
  9. Giovanni (Homepage) wrote: Beh, non male la capanna sull'isola deserta! Foto stupenda, le tonalità che hai usato fanno impazzire!
  10. Pedro (Homepage) wrote: Impressive water with an exquisite tones. Great shot, Paolo.
  11. Olivier Jules (Homepage) wrote: wow!!! wonderful picture!!!
  12. Susan (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic the ripples in the water!
  13. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: What a wonderful place! That pattern in the water is so detailed. Framing is perfect and the burst of light coming from behind the island is mysterious.
  14. Annie (Homepage) wrote: Superbe
  15. Elaine- (Homepage) wrote: nonono NOW i want to live THERE!!! lol awesome shot!! gives me a place to dream about :)
  16. Paolo (Homepage) wrote: fa bene andare in vacanza, guarda un po' che scatto...
  17. CushmoK (Homepage) wrote: une vision incroyable d'île à la Robinson !
  18. grant (Homepage) wrote: what an interesting place. and, of course, very well done.
  19. martie (Homepage) wrote: Stunning image! Cast away or heaven?
  20. BoB (Homepage) wrote: che paradiso
  21. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Love the texture in the water..the composition..your point-of-view. Masterful - as always!!!
  22. Simone (Homepage) wrote: Che spettacolo curioso e veramente insolito! Ma dove hai trovato un posto così? :)
  23. Gromitch (Homepage) wrote: I want to be there!! Nice!
  24. joshi daniel (Homepage) wrote: wow! what a beautiful place!
  25. Frida (Homepage) wrote: I wouldn't mind beeing stranded there. Stunning image!
  26. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: The dwelling of a modern Robinson Crusoe – what a great place to hang out for a while. A superb capture, simply astonishing.
  27. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Stunning view. I have the impression that I look at water with the fringe...:))
  28. Mike Paulison (Homepage) wrote: I must say, this is quite an impressive picture. It's gorgeous. This should most definitely be hanging somewhere.. large. Or maybe sell it as a beer commercial. One of those great, secluded Corona spots! I wish I was there.
  29. sherri (Homepage) wrote: A superb capture. Love the low angle and the shimmering water.
  30. Turnbill (Homepage) wrote: Wow! The mind boggles! How I could live here! Though I suppose water and groceries might be a problem. Beautiful shot! Do we get a hint as to where this is?
  31. Ann (Homepage) wrote: Absolutely stunning! Can I come live with you?! (we do have Wifi there, right?!)
  32. Andrés (Homepage) wrote: Very interesting. Looks like this cast awy has little land. Will this place exist in 100 years or will it be 1 mt under the sea? I wonder...
  33. Pere (Homepage) wrote: Fantástica composición con una luz increíble. El lugar es auténticamente paradisiaco.
  34. (Homepage) wrote: Yes, he's back ... and with what a shot ... stunning excellent composition, very great details and what a beautifull place. Hope you have passed a nice holiday. Congrats with this shot !
  35. Albert (Homepage) wrote: It's a beautiful place and a great shot and well composed.
  36. Andrew (Homepage) wrote: Awesome location! What a place to get stranded huh, I think I could live with that. Beautiful shot!

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