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  1. Jim (365,000 words) (Homepage) wrote: Beautifully done. I know it's often done, but that effect of the long exposure on the waves always looks so neat. (More impressive to me as I have never been able to find the right time and place to make it work out so nicely as here.)
  2. Pere (Homepage) wrote: Genial iluminación para transmitir sensaciones de paz y relajación. Buen trabajo.
  3. jelb (Homepage) wrote: bonjour, Great composition..Wonderful post-processing..Bravo!
  4. Andy (Homepage) wrote: Wow its like you are on top of the world! Really amazing photo!
  5. Joanna (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful picture, I love the smooth milky water and the overall mood. great :)
  6. bluechameleon (Homepage) wrote: Absolutely stunning shot! The light is just amazing, and your slow shutter speed creates such a mystical feel.
  7. NJ & SB Photography (Homepage) wrote: Wow Paolo, extraordinaria !! la larga exposición en las aguas y esos colores de ensueño son una maravilla! un saludo artista!! Núria
  8. John Maslowski (Homepage) wrote: A superb sunrise picture. Lovely silky ocean water and beautiful sky. Stunning composition.
  9. Thomas (Homepage) wrote: Stunning sunrise image. surely goes with your blog title of mood swings.
  10. Alexandra (Homepage) wrote: Stunning. The sunrise is beautiful. The overall composition quite magical
  11. Abel (Homepage) wrote: Another grat sunset photo. Great misty effect!
  12. Celanova (Homepage) wrote: Magnífica foto, la luz del sol, la nitidez de las rocas. Has conseguido crear un ambiente cálido y sugerente.
  13. Alex (Homepage) wrote: Espectacular el manot de seda que has conseguido en este amanecer, buen trabajo. Saludos.
  14. sherri (Homepage) wrote: Splendid's beautiful.
  15. BoB (Homepage) wrote: fantastica esposizione, l'acqua sembra quasi vapore
  16. Polydactyle (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful light and colors. We want to be there!
  17. Sidney (Homepage) wrote: Is this water...fog...clouds... a dreamy world... Superb!
  18. Mike Paulison (Homepage) wrote: Oh wow! You've outdone yourself with this one Paolo!!!! I can't take my eyes off of it. GORGEOUS!!!
  19. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: This is very beautiful. Lovely misty mood.
  20. (Homepage) wrote: Excellent, superb, wonderfull ... (and i can go on like this) an image that let you look for several miniutes, if it was a bigger version I love to put it as my desktop background ... congrats Paolo
  21. Nicki (Homepage) wrote: The fog works soooooooo great! Awesome.
  22. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Phenomenal image. The fog gives the effect of the passage to the different world. Congrats!
  23. grant (Homepage) wrote: beautiful, like the beginning of the earth.
  24. mbecher (Homepage) wrote: Great work. Smooth and quiet picture but the foreground makes me think of hell. Luckily the reflection of the sun brilliantly leads the view to the calm horizon. Like that!
  25. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: That mist is wonderful! THis looks so desolate!
  26. (Homepage) wrote: Hello, Wonderfull shoot ! Greetings from morocco.

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