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  1. Claus Petersen (Homepage) wrote: Damn I wanner go there! Where is this?
  2. Tom (Homepage) wrote: That water looks very, very inviting.
  3. sherri (Homepage) wrote: Hmmm...I know I commented on this image when you first posted it. I believe I told you how much I like the shimmering water.
  4. Olivier (Homepage) wrote: Magnifique contraste de couleurs et de tonalités.
  5. oldshutterhand (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful clear water.
  6. ronan (Homepage) wrote: pfffff .... Here it's raining grey ... Your photography is paradisiac !
  7. Joanna (Homepage) wrote: oh.......what is it, paradise? and of course, great compo here.
  8. Thomas (Homepage) wrote: An award winning composition in any contest on landscapes. The details, colors, composition, exposure everything is just perfect.
  9. Ida (Homepage) wrote: Lovely Lovely Lovely image... great composition, i like landscape like this :)
  10. grant (Homepage) wrote: another stunning shot!
  11. Chris Chisu (Homepage) wrote: wow....paradise...where is it?
  12. Mike Paulison (Homepage) wrote: You do have a way with fantastic shots of places I suddenly want to visit. Your photos like these have an advertising level of quality to them. Really well done and very beautiful.
  13. mbecher (Homepage) wrote: And you want to tell me you'd rather spend your holiday in Bielefeld? You're kidding. What a beautiful place you have here. Composition is (as always) well chosen.
  14. Jean-François (Homepage) wrote: merveilleuse photo pleine de lumière et d'optimisme ! ************
  15. Giovanni (Homepage) wrote: Va bene, dicci che ci vuoi far schiattare dall'invidia! Bellissima foto cmq, luce, colori e nitidezza impressionanti!
  17. Paolo (Homepage) wrote: invidia, per la foto e per il posto
  18. Andy (Homepage) wrote: Wow the water is so clear! Would love to go swimming there! The green of the trees really stands out against the pale blue water!
  19. Albert (Homepage) wrote: Great place to be and to take photos. Nice light and water reflections.
  20. Michael Rawluk (Homepage) wrote: That is so cool. Wonderful colours. I wish I was there.
  21. Pere (Homepage) wrote: Muy buena composición con una nitidez e iluminación perfectas. Gran trabajo.
  22. Krims@nline.be (Homepage) wrote: Awesome, stunning, wonderfull, wordless ... are this holiday shots Paolo ? It must have been great ... excellent shot, perfect framing and I don't wanne say anything about the light. It's magical and I'm already thinking of holiday.

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