the Waking

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  1. LightningPaul (Homepage) wrote: This is nice image with a fine composition. I just think it's too dark at the right sight.
  2. LordeX (Homepage) wrote: Very nice shot. So sweet and calm. Love the colors. And the sky, like art piece... very nice
  3. Tom (Homepage) wrote: It looks like a moonscape. Mars, perhaps. Lovely image.
  4. one way photo / Mark (Homepage) wrote: I love the light falling on those rocks. Great landscape...
  5. grant (Homepage) wrote: like the dawn of time... well done!
  6. POlydactyle (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful light and textures. the frame is great too. Really nice shot!
  7. Andrew (Homepage) wrote: Minds have wondered here for centuries, you have drawn mine in too now. Perfect, mystical, dreamy image.
  8. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: There is an amazing atmosphere in this shot. Just beautiful.
  9. Vincenz (Homepage) wrote: Nicely done with the stones in the Water. It must be a wonderful place where you live ;)
  10. BoB (Homepage) wrote: che luce e che colori magnifici
  11. Andy (Homepage) wrote: Very impressive photo. Almost looks like craters on the moon if not for the trees. Awesome as always!
  12. Robert Kruh (Homepage) wrote: Wow, Paolo! Superb use of exposure!!Did you use some polarizers too? Bravo!
  13. sherri (Homepage) wrote: I commented on this image last night and told you what lovely tones and mist.
  14. (Homepage) wrote: Wordless ... so peacefull ... excellent job paolo!
  15. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: Great moment captured. Beautiful perspective and landscape.
  16. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: You really have a gift for capturing the best lit landscapes! Great contrast and that sky makes me wanna go on vacation :0
  17. Fiona (Homepage) wrote: What a wonderful place. Calm colours. I love this clear horizont line. It makes the picture so deep.
  18. mbecher (Homepage) wrote: Colors: great Composition: superb Softness: lovely And what I like best is the perfectly sharp and straight line of the horizon. Wow, paolo.

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