sand and sea

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  1. (Homepage) wrote: I really like these crispy, little details in the foreground. Very well controlled light.
  2. Craig (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful sunset, I want to walk along this beach!
  3. (Homepage) wrote: Wonderfull capture again ... congrats paolo
  4. Mike Paulison (Homepage) wrote: Very nice! Great colors and diffused light. Nice having that crisp foreground to accentuate the softness everywhere else.
  5. Asgardr (Homepage) wrote: Nice and clean abstract!
  6. pietro (Homepage) wrote: very nice to watch !
  7. Andy (Homepage) wrote: Love the pinkish tones reflecting off the water! Very cool!
  8. grant (Homepage) wrote: so much to like here - the detail in the beach, and how it fades so gradually into the water.
  9. bluechameleon (Homepage) wrote: I really like the softness in colour and tone...the detail in the foreground makes this for me. Excellent.
  10. Denis (Homepage) wrote: This is again an outstanding picture of yours. Amazing the serenity out of thsi nearly monochrome picture. 100% zen. 100%great. 100% Paolo Micheli. Congrats.
  11. K.B.R (Homepage) wrote: absolut serenity.
  12. Nicki (Homepage) wrote: The simplicity of sun and ater gives me the mood!

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