quiet dusk

† 06-04-2009 † 5667 views

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  1. giovanni drogo (Homepage) wrote: hai delle immagini sulla riva del mare bellissime, complimeti
  2. krusaf (Homepage) wrote: Incredible colours, excellent
  3. Diane - Daily Walks (Homepage) wrote: Your work is VERY inspiring!
  4. Robert Kruh (Homepage) wrote: Lovely colours tones! Beautiful sunset shot!
  5. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: Another one of your winners! So dark yet so strong and full of life!
  6. K.B.R (Homepage) wrote: What luck to be facing this beautiful spectacle, bravo
  7. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: Those pastel colors are just beautiful.
  8. Colors Inc (Homepage) wrote: wonderful light and overall impression
  9. Nacho Carreras (Homepage) wrote: Preciosa imagen y procesado. Saludos.
  10. oneshotbeyond (Homepage) wrote: the vastness of the water and color of everything make this image truly special. What a peaceful veiw.
  11. John Maslowski (Homepage) wrote: The mood you captured in this image is beyond words. Such a beautiful picture with lovely tones and a truly serene setting. Excellent composition.
  12. Omar (Homepage) wrote: Again an atmospheric shot from that serie. I like the tones
  13. BoB (Homepage) wrote: wow un paradiso
  14. Simone (Homepage) wrote: La foto sarebbe gi bella e suggestiva di per se...la composizione poi, con la linea della rete da pesca, proprio preziosa!
  15. Sidney (Homepage) wrote: Wow... wonderful moment captured... great colors!
  16. Ronnie 2 (Homepage) wrote: Stunning shot in that beautiful light . . ace processing here.
  17. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: Gorgeous photo. Colors and light are wonderful.
  18. NJ & SB Photography (Homepage) wrote: La luz , la quietud del agua y el color son un conjunto maravilloso!!
  19. mbecher (Homepage) wrote: man, what are you doing these days. This is AWESOME. The colors are great. Everything feels so creamy here. Looks like this is on water -calm and quiet- but obviously it isn't. Great picture. You're on training for national geographic or so?
  20. Krims@nline.be (Homepage) wrote: Paolo, paolo, you make me jelous. First of all you choose a superb holiday location and then once back you start posting masterpieces one after one ... congrats Paolo.
  21. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Paolo! Fabulous painting with miraculous colours and composed beautifully... Congrats !!!
  22. Claus Petersen (Homepage) wrote: The light and mood is just amazing in this one!
  23. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Love the composition and absolutely breath-taking color of light.

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