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  1. Mirco (Homepage) wrote: What a Lovely Place
  2. LordeX (Homepage) wrote: oooo nice!! I will be there during two weeks in september héhé
  3. Joanna (Homepage) wrote: truly paradise...
  4. NJ & SB Photography (Homepage) wrote: Creo que esto es el paraiso, cuanta belleza!!
  5. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: What a super place to be! These colors are like nothing else!
  6. Denis (Homepage) wrote: Paolo, dovresti lasciare un piccolo posto per me nella tua valigia, la prossima volta...
  7. Giovanni (Homepage) wrote: Questa serie di foto è semplicemente meravigliosa!! tanta invidia...
  8. Giò (Homepage) wrote: Ecco, ora oltre che per la tua bravura ti invidio anche perchè sei andato alle Maldive!!! :)
  9. Calusarus (Homepage) wrote: A dream place…
  10. BoB (Homepage) wrote: un altro paradiso terrestre, fantastico
  11. TP@Photoskiasi.com (Homepage) wrote: So that's where this place is. Mystery solved. I think i'm gonna start packing... :)
  12. Sidney (Homepage) wrote: That is pure beauty... I hope I will be able to visit ...one day....
  13. Jen Rinaldi Photography (Homepage) wrote: now that is just an amazingly gorgeous photo (and place!) WOW! Gorgeous!
  14. Andrés (Homepage) wrote: Indeed the Maldives. A very beautiful wide angle image!!
  15. Mike Paulison (Homepage) wrote: Paolo... fantastic! I must get to this place. You've done wonderfully in capturing it. This image and the others before it... fabulous!!
  16. Thomas (Homepage) wrote: This is tranquility personified. Amazing composition.
  17. sherri (Homepage) wrote: So very beautiful...the colors and low angle and just gorgeous.
  18. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Paolo, fantastic series...Congrats!
  19. Turnbill (Homepage) wrote: Wow, do places like this really exist? So pure and clean. Please tell me there's an oil refinery just out of the frame or a shopping mall parking lot behind you. Otherwise, I'll die with envy that you've found such a serene local.
  20. Paolo (Homepage) wrote: ah ecco, non era Bibione...
  21. grant (Homepage) wrote: i'm enjoying this series of photos very much. this one is terrific.
  22. Krims@nline.be (Homepage) wrote: Here we go again, white beaches, blue/green ocean ... what else can we wish for ... excellent composition. Congrats Paolo!
  23. Andy (Homepage) wrote: Love the patch of green created by the trees in the otherwise empty beach!
  24. K.B.R (Homepage) wrote: it's wonderful, it makes me want to visit the Maldives, I do not know what height you took this beautiful picture, I like the greenish color of the water

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