Time and Tide

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  1. tom (Homepage) wrote: Beautfil light and colors.
  2. LightningPaul (Homepage) wrote: Great perspective and vantage point! Lighting and framing are excellent. I could hang this image in my living room :-)
  3. engloy (Homepage) wrote: Cool patterns in the foreground and nice light!
  4. gavin hart (Homepage) wrote: Very beautiful scene captured here, Paolo. Tonal balance and exposure is excellent. The light is lovely and the hues are superb. The sunset, even though so distant, is exceptionally appealing.
  5. Andres (Homepage) wrote: A very beautiful wide angle image. Great sands...
  6. Mike Paulison (Homepage) wrote: Paolo, Paolo, Paolo... GORGEOUS again. The patterns in the sand and the colors are amazing.
  7. NJ & SB Photography (Homepage) wrote: que bella luz, el degradado es buenisimo y la composición vertical muy apropiada!!
  8. Pere (Homepage) wrote: Bonita composición y bellísimo degradado de luz y color. Las formas sobre la arena son muy hermosas.
  9. David H-W (Homepage) wrote: Strong shot with great foreground.
  10. Alexandra (Homepage) wrote: Stunning. The lines leading into the image are wonderful. The colour of the sky just beautiful
  11. Asgardr (Homepage) wrote: Excellent! The scale of things in this photo is hard to guess, which I think is a good thing!
  12. Sidney (Homepage) wrote: Nice patterns combined with beautiful light!
  13. grant (Homepage) wrote: great perspective, image
  14. joshi daniel (Homepage) wrote: nice and the foreground is very beautiful!
  15. Tom (Homepage) wrote: Nice shot. Again - looks unearthly.
  16. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: Excellent shot. This is quite stunning.
  17. Guido (Homepage) wrote: Ma che obiettivi hai utilizzato in questa foto? E quanto sono grandi i rigagnoli dell'acqua nella sabbia? Bella composizione, dalle nuvole ed il sole sullo sfondo, la linea dell'orizzonte e questo enorme primo piano della sabbia. Complimenti
  18. Pedro (Homepage) wrote: Excelent framing, I like the stripes above. Regards.
  19. Joanna (Homepage) wrote: interesting composition, I like these lines.
  20. Turnbill (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful tones in this.
  21. Mohammadreza (Homepage) wrote: really beautiful composition and perspective here ...
  22. Krims@nline.be (Homepage) wrote: Absolutly stunning ... out of words to describe the beauty of it ... congrats Paolo
  23. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: Great colors and textures. Outstanding clarity.
  24. Michael Rawluk (Homepage) wrote: That is a wonderful shot.
  25. TP@Photoskiasi.com (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic frame, colors and DOF
  26. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: Like a really big truck went through this frame! :)
  27. Paolo (Homepage) wrote: sembra l'opera incompiuta di un vasaio... ps due domande: dove e con che ottica ciao e grazie
  28. Frida (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful composition and colors.
  29. Susan (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful image and composition.
  30. vera (Homepage) wrote: good framing colors and ... sunset !
  31. Jeff (Homepage) wrote: This is a nice sunset! That is a pretty interesting landscape too.
  32. K.B.R (Homepage) wrote: Time and Tide, This title reflects the photo, a desert environment where time seems to sculpt the decor
  33. Andy (Homepage) wrote: Really beautiful shot. Love your title it really fits this shot perfectly.
  34. Thomas (Homepage) wrote: WOW, that's a class image. The lighting, the details and the composition are gorgeous.
  35. John Maslowski (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful landscape patterns and tones. Excellent angle for this shot, and love the layers in this composition.
  36. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: WOW! Love the textures and patterns in the landscape. Such gorgeous warm tones and colors!!
  37. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Paolo, Your paintings are more and more beautiful...You introduced the exquisite composition in the splendid colouring here...Congrats!
  38. Chris Curnow (Homepage) wrote: Such a peaceful composition.
  39. Nicki (Homepage) wrote: I think about the perspective, wide angle or "high" placed? Anyway - good point of view, thats what i like!
  40. Colors Inc (Homepage) wrote: great composition and beautiful colors. I like the structures in the sand
  41. Alireza (Homepage) wrote: WoOoW !!! superb landscape, I like it tooooo much
  42. Jose (Homepage) wrote: Very nice perspective for your sunset.

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