in the beginning

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  1. tom (Homepage) wrote: Gorgeous landscaoe.
  2. gavin hart (Homepage) wrote: This is excellent. Yes I agree with the others, it is eerie and mysterious. The sharp rocks emerging from the blurred water is great. Also the silvery light is gorgeous. Your exposure and tonal levels are perfect. There are some good leading lines to guide the eye through the image too.
  3. Yngve Thoresen (Homepage) wrote: And another great shot. Love the eery feeling you have captured here.
  4. Francesco Gallarotti (Homepage) wrote: Ahhh this is magic... I love how you refrained from making the colors stronger and more contrasty... where is this gorgeous rocky coast?
  5. Paolo (Homepage) wrote: splendido il riflesso del fondale filtrato dal modo ondoso ripreso con tempo lungo (ho indovinato?)
  6. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic capture and view...
  7. John Maslowski (Homepage) wrote: A truly impressive image. Excellent slow shutter speed effect. A beautiful surreal image.
  8. K.B.R (Homepage) wrote: Photo surréaliste and very impressive. like a lot.
  9. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: Another breathtaking winner! This is out of this world!
  10. Bhavesh Chhatbar (Homepage) wrote: WOW!!! How did you get this?
  11. Mohammadreza (Homepage) wrote: great long exposure shot, very mystic ...
  12. joshi daniel (Homepage) wrote: you have created a beautiful image with the use of a slow shutter speed!
  13. Andy (Homepage) wrote: Great title. Love the mysterious feeling to this shot with the rocks being hidden by the mist.
  14. BoB (Homepage) wrote: Sembra un mare di nuovole, fantastico lavoro
  15. Calusarus (Homepage) wrote: The beginning of the world
  16. mbecher (Homepage) wrote: Like the somehow globbery water in the foreground. The horizon lloks a little dashed towards the bottom in the middle. Is that normal?
  17. Frida (Homepage) wrote: Such a beautiful image with a great title. I love it!
  18. Colors Inc (Homepage) wrote: wow, fantastic! again a great capture
  19. Sophie Asselin (Homepage) wrote: It's very beautiful ! Nice shot. It's soft. I like it :)
  20. Susan (Homepage) wrote: Perfect title for an exquisite image.
  21. Andrés (Homepage) wrote: ¡¡Hermosísima Imagen!!
  22. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: This is really lovely. The softness of the atmosphere and gentle tones are wonderful.
  23. grant (Homepage) wrote: wow, this looks primordial...
  24. (Homepage) wrote: Utterly beautifull long exposure, so well handled. Excellent work Paolo!
  25. Hoai Bao Photography (Homepage) wrote: Wow this is beautiful. Love the overall dark tone of the photo too. Wonderfully captured.
  26. JJ (Homepage) wrote: Such a apt title for this shot its amost as if the rocks are slowly surfacing out of a fog, Awesome work

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