church and belfry

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Chiesa di San Lorenzo, Sillico

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  1. Denis (Homepage) wrote: Very different from your usual style! I like the moving clouds, but I think that I woul hav preferred in colour.
  2. Paolo (Homepage) wrote: il tempo lungo crea un'illuminazione irreale che fa contrastare gli edifici con lo scorcio di cielo, come se provenissero da visioni differenti. notevole
  3. Asgardr (Homepage) wrote: Excellent composition, lovely blur!
  4. BoB (Homepage) wrote: magnifico uso del grandangolo, impressionante la prospettiva
  5. Tim Woodward (Homepage) wrote: Love your slow shutter work, seems to indicate time passing yet standing still - if that makes sense!! :-) Tim
  6. Mike (Homepage) wrote: Excellent place and really great angle for this. I like the movement in the clouds.
  7. Susan (Homepage) wrote: Wow...amazing image! So original and creative! I love the pov here coupled with the wide angle and the monochrome finish is perfect.
  8. grant (Homepage) wrote: excellent - love the moving sky!
  9. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Very different from your 'usual'. Love your point-of-view..the shapes and forms. Excellent!
  10. Pierro (Homepage) wrote: Your photoblog is very impressive. I'll defenitely come back often.
  11. Calusarus (Homepage) wrote: I like the atmosphere a lot
  12. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: This has some weird angles in it, which I think are really cool!

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