Golf Club Garfagnana

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  1. Jacey (Homepage) wrote: Wow, your post makes mine look feelbe. More power to you!
  2. Paolo (Homepage) wrote: questa l'ha scattata bugs bunny...
  3. tom (Homepage) wrote: That's really cool. How did you get into the hole`?
  4. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: You let your creativity run wild with this one! I love how you managed to pull this off!
  5. Paul Askins wrote: I've forgot to say that I think that all photography should be exactly as this one, creating an effect of illusion and surprise. Congratulations and keep shooting like this one. Very, very good, indeed.
  6. Beat (Homepage) wrote: great work and a fantastic perspective. spectacolous
  7. Susan (Homepage) wrote: Wow! This is so cool! How on earth did you manage this shot?!
  8. Paul Askins wrote: That's an illusion, not a trick: the ball is falling, but towards the "sky" and the stick, not towards our point of view. Pay attention to the side the hole narrows... Very good shot.
  9. Giò (Homepage) wrote: Ecco, questa poi mi spieghi come hai fatto a farla, eh? Genio!!!
  10. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: Superb, creative and original work!
  11. Andrés (Homepage) wrote: So this is how it looks from within!! Finally I know. Great photo!!!!
  12. Ian (Homepage) wrote: Good fun! :-) (Bit too much grass hanging over the edge though! ;-)) I like the idea very much - how insignificant we feel looking up at the world. :-)
  13. Calusarus (Homepage) wrote: Awesome framing
  14. Melinda (Homepage) wrote: Absolutely incredible! I can't even begin to wrap my mind around this. HOW did you do it?
  15. Simone (Homepage) wrote: Spettacolare punto di vista...GRANDE IDEA!
  16. Frida (Homepage) wrote: Absolutely magnificent! How did you manage that??
  17. Mike Paulison (Homepage) wrote: COME ON!!! How did you do this?!?! This is the craziest shot I've ever seen? It's fantastic, obviously, but now I'll be distracted all day wondering how this is possible.
  18. Vincenz (Homepage) wrote: Aii.. Have you been shrinked? Amazing pov! Let me know how you've done that ;)
  19. Sidney (Homepage) wrote: Amazing viewpoint ! Did you dig yourself in? ;-)
  20. Andy (Homepage) wrote: Wow how in the world did you get this one? Did you have a tiny camera in the hole? Really really cool!!
  21. grant (Homepage) wrote: i can't imagine how you did this, but it's a great idea, and perfectly executed.
  22. sherri (Homepage) wrote: This is incredible. How'd you do that?:-)
  23. bluechameleon (Homepage) wrote: Wow! That is some crazy point of view! Very cool.
  24. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Incredible frame !!!!!!!!!!! How you did this ??? Phenomenal!

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