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  1. Jace (Homepage) wrote: It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of susnihne.
  2. ronan (Homepage) wrote: très marrante celle-ci ; bien fait et avec humour
  3. Giò (Homepage) wrote: Caspita, bellissima, molto molto particolare!!!
  4. Guido (Homepage) wrote: Tu hai l'Up, io l'Up and Down. Capito? E' solamente un gioco di parole (pero' segui il link e capirai).
  5. Colors Inc (Homepage) wrote: really nice, the perspective is great!
  6. tom (Homepage) wrote: Absolutely excellent! Love the dark backdrop.
  7. Debbie Hartmann (Homepage) wrote: I love this photo! It is a perfectly captured moment in time, and it looks like the snail is hanging on for dear life!
  8. Giovanni (Homepage) wrote: eheh, strana ginnastica! bellissima!
  9. Alex (Homepage) wrote: Que bien enfilado va este caracol, parece como si de una pruba se tratase, buen disparo. Saludos.
  10. Mirco (Homepage) wrote: Lovely, just Lovely
  11. f/1.2 (Homepage) wrote: What an amazing shot. A real caputure of a moment in the natural history of our planet. Great stuff.
  12. -trond- (Homepage) wrote: Hehe, very cool! This is very well seen, and the composition is excellent. Nice work! :-)
  13. Mike (Homepage) wrote: Goodness! that snail is holding on for dear life! Great catch and wonderfully done shot.
  14. TP@Photoskiasi.com (Homepage) wrote: The title says everything. I just hope this poor guy can hold on.
  15. Olivier Jules (Homepage) wrote: that's a stunning capture!!! very well done!!!
  16. Andrés (Homepage) wrote: VAry cool. What a great climber!!
  17. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: Now that is just an amazing find! Hold on for dear life! :) It contrasts so nice against the dark background! Brings out even more details. Nice!
  18. Susan (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful macro with lovely bokeh.
  19. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Exceptional..and exquisite detail. WOW!
  20. John Maslowski (Homepage) wrote: Just hanging around. Fascinating macro. Love this shot, perfect capture with superb sharpness.
  21. BoB (Homepage) wrote: magnifica, bello vedere come sfida la forza di gravità
  22. Ian (Homepage) wrote: That *is* pretty cool, great shot, mate. It's one of those tormenting shots - you sense the poor thing must be slipping (or the leaf tearing), but counterintuitively he grips on! :-)
  23. Joaquin (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic moment!
  24. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: Love the composition and lighting. This is a really good shot!
  25. Simone (Homepage) wrote: Una situazione insolita...proprio bella!
  26. Andy (Homepage) wrote: Wow Paolo what a find! Amazing macro!!
  27. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Paolo! Fantastic capture! Perfect done!
  28. Calusarus (Homepage) wrote: The unknown stuntman…
  29. Frida (Homepage) wrote: This is so cool. Great macro I'm envious ;-)
  30. grant (Homepage) wrote: remarkable photo - first rate!
  31. Terry H. (Homepage) wrote: Great close up! I really like the angle of the shot so you can see how it grips the plant. Very Cool!

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