love for ones roots

† 21-06-2009 † 5085 views

Isola Santa, Careggine

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  1. (Homepage) wrote: Faboulus scene Paolo.
  2. krusaf (Homepage) wrote: Very nice composition !
  3. Clarity (Homepage) wrote: It's so crusty and self-contained, then the flowers break it up and make it charming. Like a rough voiced person with a soft heart.
  4. oldshutterhand (Homepage) wrote: Good contrast between the grey walls and the flowers. Old and new, dead and alive.
  5. Marc (Homepage) wrote: Great framing, it does make those buildings very tall !
  6. sherri (Homepage) wrote: I love this. The scene, the's charming.
  7. Andy (Homepage) wrote: What an amazing building this is! Great shot!
  8. Terry H. (Homepage) wrote: Very beautiful and the flower boxes are awesome!
  9. BoB (Homepage) wrote: fantastico il contrasto tra le case in grigia pietra e il rosso intenso dei fiori alle finestre.
  10. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: This is a beautiful image. Love the colorful window boxes. Great angles.
  11. Frida (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful framing and subject. Lovely with the flowerpots against the stonehouses.
  12. beanow (Homepage) wrote: I like framed and the format of the picture very much.
  13. alexandra (Homepage) wrote: What a beautiful rustic view, a slice of visual history!
  14. grant (Homepage) wrote: excellent - the tight frame works well.
  15. Paolo (Homepage) wrote: bella, un po' come le mie di grado, anche se le mie sono origini "putative"

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