love and fear

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  1. photo retouching services (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful shot. Love your use of focal depth.
  2. joshi daniel (Homepage) wrote: lovely image! the focusing and the DOF is too good!
  3. krusaf (Homepage) wrote: Very nice, great softness
  4. Sophie Asselin (Homepage) wrote: Nice shot ! Perfect !
  5. Clarity (Homepage) wrote: That is so gorgeous. I wish I had that picture, and usually I don't care to have nature pictures. Wow. I adore it!
  6. Terry H. (Homepage) wrote: Wow! Wonderful wildlife capture and love the tilt and angles of the landscape.
  7. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: I'm speechless!! Absolutely beautiful image. Love the softness...the angle..everything about it!!!
  8. BoB (Homepage) wrote: Che teneri, bella questa inquadratura in pendenza
  9. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: How sweet! This is beautiful.
  10. Tom (Homepage) wrote: The proverbial: At the right place at the right moment ;)
  11. alexandra (Homepage) wrote: Simply a gorgeous capture, and delightful nature shot!
  12. Simone (Homepage) wrote: Assolutamente incantevole
  13. Frida (Homepage) wrote: Such a beautiful image.Excellently composed!
  14. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Wow! Masterly capture! Sweet moment :)
  15. gavin hart (Homepage) wrote: What a charming capture! Delightful subject in an idyllic setting with great bokeh effect. Beautiful.
  16. grant (Homepage) wrote: i like the selective focus.

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