The Starry Day

† 29-06-2009 † 5117 views

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  1. coolPixeler (Homepage) wrote: I feel the wind! What a beautiful picture.
  2. gavin hart (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful! Love it! I like the low point of view looking up at all the drama and the two lone trees giving scale to the scene.
  3. grant (Homepage) wrote: wild - i love it
  4. Calusarus (Homepage) wrote: Impressive
  5. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Magical!! Fantastic image!!!
  6. BoB (Homepage) wrote: Strepitosa, quell'alberello solitario sembra messo l apposta, per non parlare di quel vortice di nuvole
  7. Terry H. (Homepage) wrote: Looks like the end of the world is coming. Cool shot!!
  8. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic action shot!
  9. sherri (Homepage) wrote: Such a uniquely beautiful capture.
  10. Mirco (Homepage) wrote: Fascinating formation of clouds/fog
  11. oldshutterhand (Homepage) wrote: What a great display of wind
  12. Simone (Homepage) wrote: Il gioco creato dalle nuvole in movimento impressionante! Bellissima
  13. Frida (Homepage) wrote: Just beautiful. Great timing on the clouds :-)
  14. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: Wow...that is a cool phenomena. Amazing.
  15. Nacho Carreras (Homepage) wrote: Impresionante, Saludos.
  16. Andy (Homepage) wrote: Wow its like a tidal wave of clouds! Amazing!!
  17. alexandra (Homepage) wrote: An absolutely amazing shot, I really love the play of light and the swirl of clouds. I'd love this one framed on my wall. Beautiful!
  18. pernilla (Homepage) wrote: Stunning! Perfect timing on the clouds. Great shot.
  19. Mike (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic!!!! How in the world do you find all these great places???
  20. Sabine (foKuspoint) (Homepage) wrote: Very impressive photo. The cloud movement makes it so dynamic.

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