traffic island

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  1. Rookie (Homepage) wrote: Cool shot
  2. Boris (Homepage) wrote: Excellent !
  3. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Paolo! This is extra action shot! Fantastic perspective and warm colours here...
  4. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: Really nice use of motion blurs. Your low point of view is well chosen.
  5. Francesco (Homepage) wrote: bellissimo effetto per una foto realizzata ottimamente. (aspetta che parta il tram a Mestre e ne vedremo delle belle!)
  6. Andrés (Homepage) wrote: Very cool effect. I seems that you were right by the tram when it passed. excellent shot.
  7. Jingz (Homepage) wrote: great dynamic
  8. BoB (Homepage) wrote: bella la scia e bellissimo il pov basso
  9. Simone (Homepage) wrote: E' venuta proprio bene :)
  10. Frank de Jol (Homepage) wrote: Excellent shot !
  11. Mike (Homepage) wrote: That motion blur is great! The processing into the shadows and the colors are very well done. Very enjoyable image.
  12. Frida (Homepage) wrote: Great sense of motion and super pov.
  13. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: What a great vantage point! You managed to get this shot without being run over? Well done! :)
  14. Andy (Homepage) wrote: Wow amazing sense of motion! Really cool!!
  15. Cees (Homepage) wrote: this picture has again the wow-factor! I really like it! Great work!

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