Charles bridge art stands

† 15-12-2009 † 4850 views

Lesser Town Bridge Tower

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  1. beyondthejupiter (Homepage) wrote: Hi Paolo, really nice work of digital photography however I like this kind of expressionism mostly. Makes me to grab my old 350d and go outside.
  2. Robert Kruh (Homepage) wrote: Magnificent, love this one!
  3. Paolo (Homepage) wrote: evanescente... giusta immagine per la capitale più "alchemica" d'europa
  4. BoB (Homepage) wrote: Mi viene da chiederti se non ti hanno calpestato la macchina, davvero un bell'effetto.
  5. Andrés (Homepage) wrote: Looks like a city of ghosts and they are coming for you.
  6. francesco (Homepage) wrote: bellissimo scatto! Il lavoro in post gli dona un'atmosfera davvero magica (molto adatta al luogo)
  7. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: WOW! This is magical. You've created an abstract painting out of these 'artists' and their work.
  8. my bundling (Homepage) wrote: Very nice execution of art.

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