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  1. Paolo (Homepage) wrote: onirico. sono affascinato dalla distorsione visuale. frutto solo delle ottiche o c' lavoro in pp?
  2. Mirco (Homepage) wrote: just perfect
  3. photos (Homepage) wrote: Really incredible, looks like an infrared shot.
  4. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: That snow looks crispy! Icy cold feeling in this image.
  5. Sophie Asselin (Homepage) wrote: Wow ! Good exposition. The light is perfect. Nice winter scene !
  6. marc (Homepage) wrote: beautiful landscape,great composition...
  7. joshi daniel (Homepage) wrote: looks like a path to heaven!
  8. Andrs (Homepage) wrote: A very well framed image. Great light and colors.
  9. Mike Blanchard (Homepage) wrote: Wow, that looks cold. A wonderful job of capturing the cold and untouched look of this place. Pristine is the word that comes to mind. Very nice.
  10. Gi (Homepage) wrote: I tuoi paesaggi innevati sono sempre magici!!!
  11. mauri (Homepage) wrote: ..la neve sempre magica,ed anche la tua foto la ...complimenti
  12. Robert Kruh (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful winter sunny day Paolo, lovely done!
  13. Celanova (Homepage) wrote: Preciosa foto, me gusta mucho los distintos matices del blanco y la textura de la nieve. Feliz ao.
  14. BoB (Homepage) wrote: Ottimo questo controluce
  15. Tom (Homepage) wrote: Nice, I love the mood of the shot.
  16. F. (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful untouched winter space.
  17. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Stunning icey cold landscape. WOW!
  18. fabrizio (Homepage) wrote: molto bella, la strada in salita sembra perdersi nel cielo... un delizioso punto di osservazione
  19. -trond- (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic image, really like the detail and the cold color tones in it! :-)
  20. Polydactyle (Homepage) wrote: Great work on this one. Excellent white balance.
  21. Francesco (Homepage) wrote: Bello questo panorama; una magia impreziosita dal buon lavoro in post
  22. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: Your capture/processing of this enchanted winter scene is a marvel. Congratulations to this masterpiece!
  23. Yvonne (Homepage) wrote: Excellent composition, the path leading into the picture draws the eye in. Sun makes the snow/frost on the trees stand out. Lovely!

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