The Window

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  1. Steven (Homepage) wrote: Great shot. More a painting than a photograph
  2. Paolo (Homepage) wrote: splendida composizione, ottimo il contrasto tra i due tronchi non sottoposti a pp e il fondale sfumato
  3. Richard (Homepage) wrote: Another great shot, a simple image that works very well. Fantastic blended background.
  4. Mirco (Homepage) wrote: Brilliant Composition
  5. Omar (Homepage) wrote: oh wow, your winter inspirations.
  6. Claude (Homepage) wrote: Superb composition in shades of grey! Very artistic!
  7. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: Fascinating idea and perfect execution! Great sense of movement in this shot!
  8. Andrés (Homepage) wrote: Very beautiful in its simplicity.
  9. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Great idea. Very creative work!
  10. BoB (Homepage) wrote: Una composizione davvero brillante.
  11. Tom (Homepage) wrote: It took me some time to recognize what it is. It's brillant, I like it a lot.
  12. lasiate (Homepage) wrote: une belle monochromie juste éclairée par le bleu.une fenêtre qui dévoile sans montrer
  13. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Extraordinary..and oh-so-very-creative!!!
  14. Celine (Homepage) wrote: Great idea ! Very well done !
  15. Frida (Homepage) wrote: What a beautiful framing in this beautiful abstract.
  16. Francesco (Homepage) wrote: anche per me oggi passeggiata in mezzo ai boschi innevati... e foto simili a questa! Molto bella l'inquadratura e ottimo l'uso della tecnica!
  17. Simone (Homepage) wrote: Composta davvero bene, le quinte funzionano alla grande!
  18. Yvonne (Homepage) wrote: Love the DOV and composition used in this image.. great framing!

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