Sweet Date

† 06-03-2010 † 5847 views

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  1. Linda (Homepage) wrote: Beyond beautiful! outstanding image!
  2. elena (Homepage) wrote: comolimenti le tue foto sono molto interassanti, questa in particolare mi piace moltissimo. ciao
  3. reinhold möller (Homepage) wrote: Perfect bubbles. I like the tones.
  4. Guido (Homepage) wrote: Bellissimi colori e delle bollicine che dire? Perfette!
  5. Sergei (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic capture!
  6. Andy (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful backlight! Looks refreshing!
  7. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Wow!!! Fantastic work!!!5707
  8. ☾éline (Homepage) wrote: This is brilliant ! I am in awe !
  9. Yashar (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful composition and framing.. I like your work.. Bravo.
  10. joshi daniel (Homepage) wrote: excellent colors and sharpness and a nice idea too!
  11. John Maslowski (Homepage) wrote: Fabulous abstract image, love the tones and the bubble formations. Such great clarity and excellent use of light.
  12. calusarus (Homepage) wrote: Very nice work : the result is professional
  13. Frank (Homepage) wrote: Love the details, the sharpness on the bubbles and the details from the glass. A masterpeace!
  14. Robert Kruh (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic central compo, fine!
  15. fabrizio (Homepage) wrote: difficile aggiungere altro, foto straordinaria!!!
  16. BoB (Homepage) wrote: Bellissimo questo still life.
  17. sherri (Homepage) wrote: Fascinating image. I love the bubbles.
  18. Tom (Homepage) wrote: Great color, great DOF, .. I love it.
  19. Andrés (Homepage) wrote: A very nice photo. great effect. Well done!
  20. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: WOW! This is amazing. WOW!
  21. Cees (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful shot! Like the bubbles! I get a warm summer feeling!!
  22. jess (Homepage) wrote: The warm tone and texture are engrossing! What a transformation this glass has had!
  23. Cerstin (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful composition and coloring.
  24. Francesco (Homepage) wrote: ottima! Sia come idea che come realizzazione.
  25. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: Great idea beautifully executed. I like the warm yellow-orange-brown hues.

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