reconnaissance flight

† 09-04-2010 † 4606 views

Lonubo Island

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  1. Grace (Homepage) wrote: All your pictures are beautiful. Great shot!
  2. Guido wrote: Molto bravo! Sei riuscito a mettere a fuoco molto bene il gabbiano. Non deve essere stato semplice.
  3. Tom (Homepage) wrote: wow, .. impressive shot.
  4. Andrés (Homepage) wrote: This is truly beautiful. I love how you've framed this bird. An the colors are just perfect.
  5. Benjamin Madison (Homepage) wrote: Exquisite!
  6. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: Superb image. The light is exceptional here!
  7. Francesco (Homepage) wrote: Spendido dettaglio!
  8. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Such elegance and true grace. Love the colors!!!

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