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  1. janina (Homepage) wrote: That will light the way to the warm beach fire, toasted marshmallows, good friends and a wonderful drink. Excellent pic.
  2. ben (Homepage) wrote: It emanates so much of rest. Good title.
  3. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Absolutely beautiful image!
  4. francesco (Homepage) wrote: ottima la composizione, ma soprattutto la gestione della luce. bello scatto davvero
  5. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Love your point of view and framing. Wonderful contrast of warm and cool color tones.
  6. Cees (Homepage) wrote: Really like the feeling of this picture!
  7. BoB (Homepage) wrote: Bella composizione, molto originale, mi piace molto anche la luce.
  8. frankdejol (Homepage) wrote: Magnificent.
  9. Frida (Homepage) wrote: Such a calm and beautiful place.
  10. Andrés (Homepage) wrote: Simple and very beautiful. The intense colors and sharpness of the images greatly enhance it.

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