the sky above a sandbag

† 18-04-2010 † 4715 views

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  1. Andrés (Homepage) wrote: Cool colors and great image. I like the circular disposition of the algae.
  2. BoB (Homepage) wrote: Mi piacciono molto quelle nuvole nello sfondo.
  3. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Promises to be great, marine series.
  4. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: What an amazing skyscape - the color..the light..and all of that reflected in the sand. Excellent!!
  5. Quark (Homepage) wrote: Great image of weather and light ! Foreground is perfect and also well composed !
  6. martie (Homepage) wrote: I love the contrast of the orange on the sand - and made more special from the orang-ish reflections in the water.

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