Misty Sunrise

† 11-07-2010 † 5859 views

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  1. oldshutterhand (Homepage) wrote: Strange scratch on the sky. Lovely shot.
  2. omar (Homepage) wrote: Perfect. Full of atmo!
  3. ben (Homepage) wrote: wonderful image, like the soft colors and the view.
  4. Andrés (Homepage) wrote: Love the poppy flowers here and the mist too.
  5. Joanna (Homepage) wrote: Oh, I love these poppies in the foreground, the grass must've been really tall. Well done.
  6. sherri (Homepage) wrote: Morning mist always has such a fresh feeling. Nice low angle.
  7. BoB (Homepage) wrote: Mi piacciono i fusti d'erba inclinati in primo piano, sembra vogliano invitarti ad addentrarti in questo bellissimo campo.
  8. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Oh..this is absolutely magical. Love your point-of-view and framing.
  9. Ken (Homepage) wrote: I love this..I only wish it were bigger.. :)
  10. John Maslowski (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful ambiance, really like the low angle view that captures a great foreground of tall grasses and lovely flowers. Like the mist and sunlight that creates the mood in this shot. Excellent work!
  11. frankdejol (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful!
  12. buntagphoto (Homepage) wrote: Magical moment.
  13. Jacob S. Jensen (Homepage) wrote: This one is nice :-) Great light, great atmosphere!
  14. Frida (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful morning!

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