Viel del Pan path

† 08-09-2010 † 5841 views

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  1. Luciano (Homepage) wrote: tutto il blog è molto bello, come in questo caso inquadrature degne di nota
  2. Grant Stringer (Homepage) wrote: What a view!On top of the world.
  3. Mirco (Homepage) wrote: fantasic view
  4. Sabine (fokuspoint) (Homepage) wrote: Love this image. So crisp and clear.
  5. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: The way you bring out the crispness of a scene and boost the colors are so great!
  6. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Really interesting tilt. Puts me just a little off-center. Gorgeous background mountainscape!!!
  7. Sumedh Prasad (Homepage) wrote: WOW! Fantastic scene. Brilliantly balanced dynamic ranges, nice treatment
  8. Beat (Homepage) wrote: stunning point o view on this great capture! adorable work!
  9. Andrés (Homepage) wrote: The angle is fantastic!
  10. Paolo (Homepage) wrote: la serie prometteva bene e continua meglio... POV spettacolare, anzi, vertiginoso
  11. Nikos Zacharoulis (Homepage) wrote: Fabulous landscape... love the angle !!!
  12. Calusarus (Homepage) wrote: I like this PoV
  13. Frida (Homepage) wrote: Wow help me I'm falling......... Spectacular pov :-)
  14. John Maslowski (Homepage) wrote: Spectacular view of this beautiful mountain scene. The sky and snow covered mountains are so stunning. Excellent shot!

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