The mist was fading

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  1. Edu (Homepage) wrote: Woooow... ive always been atracted to these kind of moods, but I LOVE this one... it looks so 3D!!
  2. Stefano (Homepage) wrote: Bellissimo scatto
  3. JCS (Homepage) wrote: Paolo thank you for your comment, I really like your site, your photos and especially this one.
  4. Mika (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful mood in this very nice landscape. I miss Italy and especially Toscana.
  5. Michael Behlen (Homepage) wrote: This is G R E A T! great photoblog!
  6. Dima (Homepage) wrote: I love misty pictures. This is great! :)
  7. Art (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful and dreamy! Well seen and taken.
  8. minimodi (Homepage) wrote: beautiful. i love mist!
  9. andrey samolinov (Homepage) wrote: Gorgeous and expressive panorama - the fog just adds charm and mood to the landscape It is a masterpiece
  10. Gianny (Homepage) wrote: I love mystic atmosphere of this wide angle shot.
  11. James Fike (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful!
  12. Marie (Homepage) wrote: wonderful !
  13. JM (Homepage) wrote: Very cool atmospheric shot - the myst and tones are great !
  14. Francesco (Homepage) wrote: Bellissime queste colline, la nebbia permette tonalità davvero splendide
  15. Rue Du Lavoir (Homepage) wrote: Tes paysages sont toujours aussi improbables, délicats et réussis... Mes compliments.
  16. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: I expect Roman warriors to come running up that hill any minute!
  17. Guido (Homepage) wrote: Mi piace molto questo paesaggio, quasi tetro ma che apre un nuovo giorno.
  18. Olivier Jules (Homepage) wrote: this is a wonderful capture!
  19. bluechameleon (Homepage) wrote: So beautiful and I love this photograph...
  20. Kevin P. (Homepage) wrote: Very beautiful landscape !
  21. Andrés (Homepage) wrote: Absolutely beautiful. Stunning image.
  22. oldshutterhand (Homepage) wrote: Great landscape!
  23. Krista (Homepage) wrote: Breath taking image!
  24. krunal (Homepage) wrote: beautiful panorama
  25. gavin hart (Homepage) wrote: Lovely misty valley scene, beautiful light glowing from over the background hills. The sharpness of the foreground textures make an effective contrast with the soft mistiness beyond. The pleasant low saturation hues suit the vision.
  26. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: This is a dreamy shot. A beautiful capture, with the fuzziness created by the mist.
  27. fabrizio (Homepage) wrote: decisamente bella questa, cosi come questa tua ultima serie di foto per cosi dire rurali, che evidenziano la bellezza del nostro territorio
  28. John Maslowski (Homepage) wrote: The misty landscape is absolutely breathtaking. Beautiful pano, really like the sunlight peaking through the horizon, excellent composition.

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