The forest and its rock

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  1. Ralf (Homepage) wrote: Cool picture, great perspective.
  2. Mel (Homepage) wrote: wow, this looks like paradise! great focussing and the smooth light creat nice colours...
  3. Guido (Homepage) wrote: Una bellissima spiaggia, come bella anche l'angolazione della foto e la composizione.
  4. Nik (Homepage) wrote: wow excellent DOF.
  5. Linda (Homepage) wrote: Just to let you know: I was in your camerabag and you forgot all about me... no worries, I'm good here, enjoying the view!
  6. syber76 (Homepage) wrote: Amazing shot,beautiful colors.
  7. Kevin (Homepage) wrote: Two islands - clever shot!
  8. AndrewJShearer (Homepage) wrote: Interesting image, makes you look and then look again! Nice composition.
  9. Heidi (Homepage) wrote: Wow! Very very impressive image!!! It is a jaw dropper!!! That's my image of the week!!
  10. saverio (Homepage) wrote: bello scatto profondo
  11. syber76 (Homepage) wrote: Excellent photography, I love the focus and lighting.
  12. gavin hart (Homepage) wrote: Truly lovely scene. Great idea to include the rock and and foreground sea floor in this minimalistic composition. Love the soft texture of the water as well as the waves in the very far distance. Looks like paradise :)
  13. Andrés (Homepage) wrote: A wonderful play with the distances.
  14. sherri (Homepage) wrote: Wow, definitely a fav of yours for me. It's superb on so many levels.
  15. Fred (Homepage) wrote: Nice POV ! Holidays, here I come !
  16. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: Oh how I'm in need for a vaccation when I see this! Lovely 'lost'feeling here!
  17. minimodi (Homepage) wrote: wow, what a POV, am I a fish or some kinda exotic frog? I like this, I want to go there!
  18. andrey samolinov (Homepage) wrote: Gorgeous song and scene depth Very nice shot - love it
  19. yiannis krikis (Homepage) wrote: excellent pov and scenery
  20. JS Photography (Homepage) wrote: Great view! Love your minimalistic approach to landscape.
  21. Andy (Homepage) wrote: Wow looks like an abandoned island! Would love to be there for a short vacation!
  22. krunal (Homepage) wrote: fantastic POV
  23. mARTina (Homepage) wrote: what a beautiful photo. thats a great work. congratulations
  24. paolo wrote: ero a mollo nell'acqua con il treppiedi per fare la lunga esposizione. era poco dopo l'alba... in effetti non potrei definirla un alzataccia ;-)
  25. Francesco (Homepage) wrote: bella la composizione è la sfocatura. Ma eri a mollo nell'acqua? (che non doveva essere male comunque!)
  26. Miles (Homepage) wrote: Excellent photography, I love the focus and lighting - I spent a good five minutes looking into this photo before leaving a comment :-)
  27. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: Awesome glimpse into paradise! I especially like your low point of view.
  28. fabrizio (Homepage) wrote: perfetta, meravigliosa
  29. Calusarus (Homepage) wrote: A beautiful spot. Nice shot
  30. Rue Du Lavoir (Homepage) wrote: Une image fantastique. Une perspective et une composition géniales...
  31. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic framing. Love the dreaminess of this one!

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