Trust your instincts

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  1. Debra McELhaney wrote: Love the depth in the eyes..
  2. Janice (Homepage) wrote: I can see you in it's eyes.
  3. Giorgio Spanos (Homepage) wrote: Lo sguardo e veramente il punto "forte" della photo.
  4. Francesco (Homepage) wrote: bel "ritratto"! Come l'hai attirato per farlo venire cosė vicino? :-)
  5. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: What an incredible close-up..and what a sweet sweet face!
  6. Rob (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful capture! A handsome deer.
  7. Ayesha (Homepage) wrote: excellent work in creating this composition....
  8. Mike (Homepage) wrote: My instincts are I'm not getting that close. They only LOOK cute. When Animals Attack! Really nice shot. I like how the two main colors work together.
  9. mARTina (Homepage) wrote: so nice and lovely.
  10. fabrizio (Homepage) wrote: impressionante il contatto visivo, belissima Paolo

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