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  1. Arash (Homepage) wrote: Superb lanscape!
  2. Alex (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic shot... Best regards.
  3. Beat (Homepage) wrote: just awesome, real artork from nature and very well captured
  4. Andrés (Homepage) wrote: This is indeed a very spectacular sunset. the textures are great and you captured it very nicely.
  5. mARTina (Homepage) wrote: thats so beautiful. so many trees there are so many clouds are seen. to this orange-colored sky.
  6. buntagphoto (Homepage) wrote: That is os alien. Nice manipulation.
  7. Nik (Homepage) wrote: Nicely done, you've spliced the photos perfectly together. I had to take a hard look to notice the mirror image!
  8. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: This photograph is hauntingly beautiful. I really like the drama of the sky and the spectacular color blend!
  9. Giorgio Spanos (Homepage) wrote: Una photo stupenda !!
  10. Francesco (Homepage) wrote: wow, un cielo impressionante! Bello scatto, molto d'effetto
  11. fabrizio (Homepage) wrote: non ho parole!!!! mi toglie il fiato... immagino dal vivo che emozione unica
  12. yiannis krikis (Homepage) wrote: fantastic sky and very impressive colors
  13. Rob (Homepage) wrote: Gorgeous sunset!
  14. Karsten (Homepage) wrote: This picture makes me think about the song “Little Fluffy Clouds” performed by The Orb. :)
  15. Guido (Homepage) wrote: Concordo con quanto dice Mike per l'isola nera in primo piano, ripresa da inizio a fine. Il colore delle nuvole in cielo è invece spettacolare!
  16. Ayesha (Homepage) wrote: wow,,,,wonderful capture...great colors and what a scene to freeze in cam
  17. Krunal (Homepage) wrote: MAGNFICENT 5*****
  18. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Breathtaking beauty. That sky is simply awesome!
  19. Claus Petersen (Homepage) wrote: A burning sky like this one is always a beautiful think :-)
  20. Jesus de Leon (Homepage) wrote: A sky that is quite a visual spectacle, great. Greetings
  21. Mike (Homepage) wrote: Wow! What a crazy sky! The clouds are pointed like teeth and it looks like it's on fire. My favorite thing about this though is that perfect silhouette that doesn't reach to both sides. Really great image!

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