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Moofushi seascape at twilight

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  1. woody914 (Homepage) wrote: Really nice to see in a big monitor. Lovely colour, lovely composition.
  2. Alexandra (Homepage) wrote: This is what you call a a paradise such as this, you would think it was heaven! Gorgeous!
  3. Jesus de Leon (Homepage) wrote: Una vista bellisima, no me importaría estar hay de vacaciones. Saludos
  4. Ian Grayhood (Homepage) wrote: Great sunset. I love song exposure shots. Good job!
  5. yiannis krikis (Homepage) wrote: jost perfect
  6. Web Picture Blog (Homepage) wrote: incredibly beautiful and exciting photos
  7. oldshutterhand (Homepage) wrote: A warm and cosy place.
  8. mel (Homepage) wrote: wow, what a wonderfull mood. i really would like to chill in that little house on the sea...
  9. Chris Franklin (Homepage) wrote: Amazing light, you have captured this scene very well!
  10. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: So beautifully quiet and peaceful...and what stunning color and light!
  11. Claus (Homepage) wrote: Amazing light you have here, it's like the sky is burning.
  12. mARTina (Homepage) wrote: breathtakingly beautiful. fascinating colors and the rest of the water-based. great!
  13. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: Stunning image! You have created a fascinating, magic mood here.
  14. Rob (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful colors! the scene is stunning
  15. fabrizio (Homepage) wrote: mamma mia Paolo, ma che posto meraviglioso, bellissima foto veramente tanti complimenti, mi viene da sorridere a pensare a quanti giga di card ti sei portato per non perdere nulla di tutto questo eh?
  16. 75iso (Homepage) wrote: Bellissimo scatto Paolo. Complimenti...
  17. Albert (Homepage) wrote: Great shot and beautiful colours.
  18. Ayesha (Homepage) wrote: wow,,,,,,awesome night scene and you have captured it very professionally...lights colors and mood are all wonderful...great work
  19. Eduard Crispi (Homepage) wrote: perfect shot!
  20. Quark (Homepage) wrote: ....and fire in the sky..... Fantastic photo, the weather helped you in a great way !
  21. petitlouis (Homepage) wrote: C'est l'heure où les compteurs électriques se mettent à batiffoler, pour le plus grand bonheur des ... producteurs d'électricité ! Very nicely done.
  22. Frida (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful colors and light.

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