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Moofushi spa complex at sun rise

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  1. Anneli - A'la Foto (Homepage) wrote: I just can not go past this screen without writing how beautiful it is! WOW!! It is incredibly beautiful! So neatly worked and what beautiful colors! Love the reflection that die out!
  2. Aniss (Homepage) wrote: Excellent shot !
  3. Boris (Homepage) wrote: This one is one of my favorite. This is great job ! And what a nice place...
  4. Matteo Gabella (Homepage) wrote: mistica...
  5. Raj (Homepage) wrote: This is beautiful.
  6. Mia-Sofie (Homepage) wrote: Oh my god, you take the most amazing pictures! This one is stunning! Can't take my eyes off it! :)
  7. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: That title is spot on! Must have been some magician that managed to levitate those buildings! ;)
  8. fabrizio (Homepage) wrote: meravigliosa idea, già il posto è bellissimo, visti i tuoi precedenti panorami, ma queste tue interpretazioi lo rendono ancora più affascinante, complimenti e buona domenica Paolo
  9. Francesco (Homepage) wrote: atmosfera magica. Hai fatto un lavoro ottimo
  10. oldshutterhand (Homepage) wrote: Fascinating with these endless poles.
  11. Andrés (Homepage) wrote: The enhanced reflections are superb.
  12. m.ART.ina@live.de (Homepage) wrote: so peaceful and so beauty. i love it.
  13. howse-photo (Homepage) wrote: beautiful shot. this is the type of photo that stops the viewer in their tracks, and for all the right reasons
  14. yiannis krikis (Homepage) wrote: a dreamy image - I like the reflections
  15. Alexandra (Homepage) wrote: What a gorgeous composition, a beautifully serene setting, and yes, the houses do seem to levitate!
  16. jess (Homepage) wrote: Magnificently conceptualized. The tiny curled contours on the thatched roofs are a nice edition.
  17. Piyush Garyali (Homepage) wrote: Amazing shot. Looks like a dream!
  18. buntagphoto (Homepage) wrote: very beautiful scene. Like the dreamlike quality of the setting.
  19. Harry Snowden (Homepage) wrote: Amazing image with a great title!

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