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  1. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: What wonderful framing. I can see how you got the title. The rock in the foreground really does bear witness to the landscape beyond.
  2. Claus Petersen (Homepage) wrote: Looks like a cool place to live, if only a tsunami doesn't hit ;-)
  3. mbecher (Homepage) wrote: Paolo, excuse the verbal slip, but: F..k! Sometimes I just wish I was you. Hanging around on the beach doing long exposures. Tell me you're drinking longdrinks during the shot and I'll never visit your photoblog again... just kidding, of course :P
  4. Andy (Homepage) wrote: Wow would love to stay at this place!!Stunning and literally on the water!!
  5. crash (Homepage) wrote: wow! very cool! where is this place ?
  6. Francesco (Homepage) wrote: Affascinante... questo tuo viaggio ti ha regalato degli scatti davvero splendidi

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