the gate

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@ Chris : i stitched 2 shots made with a nikkor 28/70 f2.8D Focal Lenght:28 mm Exposure Time: 30 sec F number : 10 ISO : 100

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  1. Guillaume (Homepage) wrote: Serenity ...
  2. Yani Sidi (Homepage) wrote: Argh.....!!! I Love it, nice compo, great shot.
  3. Joanna (Homepage) wrote: beautiful, smooth and peaceful. great job.
  4. Brandice (Homepage) wrote: You're the grasetet! JMHO
  5. Rob (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful image!
  6. mia (Homepage) wrote: Lovely photo! Stunning light and atmosphere! -mia
  7. Francesco (Homepage) wrote: che spettacolo! C' poco da commentare qui, una foto perfetta
  8. hoi (Homepage) wrote: Lovely shot. The colors are beautiful.
  9. Prasanth Iranikulam (Homepage) wrote: Great Capture ! Nice use of leading lines.
  10. sherri (Homepage) wrote: lovely peach hues in this glorious scene
  11. Ken (Homepage) wrote: An amazing image. Be Proud.
  12. Nik (Homepage) wrote: this is a top notch photo.. excellent composition and processing. perfect long exposure.
  13. Andrey Samolinov (Homepage) wrote: Amazing photo! Very harmonious and beautiful, great job!
  14. moodaholic (Homepage) wrote: Excellent! It is just a real beauty. Makes me very calm.
  15. hajeka (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful view with nice soft colors.
  16. Niels (Homepage) wrote: What a peaceful photograph, makes me want to step into this picture. Beautiful!
  17. Claus Petersen (Homepage) wrote: The softness of the water and the colors of the sky makes this a place where I could live forever :-)
  18. Alexandra (Homepage) wrote: Your wonderful style, and the sense of serenity that your bring to these amazing panoramic vistas is stunning! I would happily buy any of these to hang on my wall. Gorgeous.
  19. yiannis krikis (Homepage) wrote: very peaceful - perfect image
  20. Andres (Homepage) wrote: This is a very beautiful image.
  21. Kala (Homepage) wrote: Another beautiful image. The light is fantastic.
  22. Flo (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful shoot
  23. Krunal (Homepage) wrote: beautiful, mesmerising, 5*****
  24. crash (Homepage) wrote: beautiful photo!!!!
  25. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Such exquisitely beautiful light. And the water - it's softly smooth..simply stunning!
  26. Chris Franklin (Homepage) wrote: Another great shot! Mind if U ask what shutter speed you are using here?
  27. Michael Valcic (Homepage) wrote: I love the lighting here. Beautiful relaxing image.

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