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  1. Francesco (Homepage) wrote: mi ricorda una vecchia foto di Berengo Gardin. Una foto d'altri tempi
  2. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Wow! impressive
  3. paulo Pedroso (Homepage) wrote: Great image. Nice landscape design :)
  4. Olaf (Homepage) wrote: The Crookedest Street in the Nature, like the Lombard Street in SF. Stunning image!
  5. Andrés (Homepage) wrote: Strange image. I like the texture and tones very much.
  6. Claus Petersen (Homepage) wrote: Cool how the road just slithers up the hill like a snake here.
  7. Joanna (Homepage) wrote: Cool. The pattern of the road is really interesting. I think it was a good choice to convert to b&w. I think I would've boosted the contrast a little maybe. Maybe :)
  8. Frida (Homepage) wrote: Riding a bike down this road would make my head spin ;-) Well seen and captured.
  9. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: Another wonderful find! And processing it like this, with some noise making it a little gritty, works really well.
  10. nightflyer502 (Homepage) wrote: B&W ist the perfect choice! I love this street whitch draws such lines in your photograph! :-)
  11. crash (Homepage) wrote: don't these people believe in straight lines up the hill !?!??!
  12. Kala (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic wide angle perspective from above.
  13. Rob (Homepage) wrote: Stunning image!
  14. oldshutterhand (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic details of a great landscape.
  15. Alexandra (Homepage) wrote: Wow, that's one hell of a slalom, indeed! :D
  16. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: Impressive example for the detrimental human intervention in nature. Love your b&w conversion.
  17. Abhijit Dharmadhikari (Homepage) wrote: Excellent b&w image. Perfect Zone system!
  18. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: What an incredible point of view. Love the winding road. Like a snake!!!

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