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  1. John (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful moody shot, well done.
  2. walter (Homepage) wrote: Very slack mood, especially the smoothness
  3. Mia (Homepage) wrote: Stunning as always - so peaceful and calm!
  4. Alexandre Miguel Maia (Homepage) wrote: Great tonality and symmetry in that shot.
  5. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Love the perfect simplicity and exquisite symmetry. Wonderful in b&w!
  6. fabrizio (Homepage) wrote: grande foto veramente di forte impatto
  7. Francesco (Homepage) wrote: spoglia e desolata... minimalismo ai massimi livelli! (ottimo il b/n)
  8. paulo Pedroso (Homepage) wrote: fell like flying. So peaceful... like it
  9. RobertB (Homepage) wrote: A very minimalist and surreal image that draws you right in.
  10. Rob (Homepage) wrote: I feel as though I were on a high dive platform. Beautiful image!
  11. Claus Petersen (Homepage) wrote: It feels like I'm walking right out on a cloud.. Wonderful work here, magical in a way.
  12. crash (Homepage) wrote: looks like you're jumping into the void !
  13. calusarus (Homepage) wrote: It reminds me an great movie : "la jetée" by Chris Marker

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