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  1. Guido (Homepage) wrote: Che bello essere in montagna con queste giornate! The force of nature!
  2. mel (Homepage) wrote: so, did you climb up to this tree? :-P
  3. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: Amazing how nature manages to survive on the weirdes and hardest places!
  4. Varmano Foto (Homepage) wrote: Fabulous composition, that tree is struggling for survive
  5. Rob (Homepage) wrote: Stunning image, beautiful! Life clings precariously.
  6. Alexandra (Homepage) wrote: Daredevil indeed. What a great composition and framing of this fantastic vista!
  7. Kala (Homepage) wrote: Quite a unique image with a perfect title!
  8. RobertB (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic! Makes my knees weak just looking at the tree on the edge.
  9. Francesco (Homepage) wrote: una sfida davvero impossibile! Bello scatto, ben costruito

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