fact and fiction

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@Raitis and Paulo : It's a PP effect. You should go in CS4 > Filter > Blur > Motion Blur

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  1. Olivier Rault (Homepage) wrote: Wow, great processing, i love it !
  2. Karsten (Homepage) wrote: Oh, I get dizzy! Nice work!
  3. Arjan - PLasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: Even without the processing this image is an eyecatcher, but the blurring makes it even better! Good choice and very well executed.
  4. Guido (Homepage) wrote: Tante strade che portano tutte verso il centro. Bella composizione.
  5. howse-photo (Homepage) wrote: i really like the idea of this shot being partially abstract. original thinking, and very successful. great shot!
  6. Claus Petersen (Homepage) wrote: Like a crazy world on drugs ;-)
  7. PixeLuz (Homepage) wrote: Very creative postprocessing of this nature's image.
  8. asghst (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful and impressive ! Thanks for your visit, you make me know your work, your pictures made my day !
  9. Luiza (Homepage) wrote: Very cool! Nice Idea. Regards, Luiza
  10. andante (Homepage) wrote: It is an interesting photo and a great artistic work!!!
  11. sherri (Homepage) wrote: very impressive image
  12. crash (Homepage) wrote: fantastic shadows!
  13. indiablue (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic! Love the texture too.
  14. rem_la (Homepage) wrote: Impréssionnant cette perspective !
  15. Paulo Pedroso (Homepage) wrote: amazing image. Just curious, was it post processed or a windy day/long exposure?
  16. Andrés (Homepage) wrote: NIce. seems like an alien world.
  17. Francesco (Homepage) wrote: decisamente uno scatto di fortissimo impatto. Ottimo!
  18. Kala (Homepage) wrote: Gorgeous abstract with beautiful light.
  19. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: Outstanding - Great capture and excellent post-processing!
  20. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: WOW! A magical dream!! It reminds me of a cartoon forest..an animation. So very creative!!!
  21. fabrizio (Homepage) wrote: ottima nell'impatto visico, grande presentazione
  22. buntagphoto (Homepage) wrote: I like the abstraction.
  23. Keivan Zavari (Homepage) wrote: wow, nice...:-)
  24. Kris Koeller (Homepage) wrote: I love this. Great effect, and I like the contrast between the real and surreal
  25. Raitis (Homepage) wrote: Very interesting photo, would love to know how this was done
  26. Calusarus (Homepage) wrote: A breathtaking composition

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