splashing and shining

† 23-10-2011 † 6695 views

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  1. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Amazing and beautiful!
  2. Francesco (Homepage) wrote: molto bella, un b/n che pare quasi un astratto
  3. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: Impressive picture - aesthetically and technically superb!
  4. crash (Homepage) wrote: amazing job pulling this off! love all the splashes!
  5. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Exquisite detail. Amazing - really and truly!
  6. Kala (Homepage) wrote: Excellent tones and exposure.
  7. paulo Pedroso (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic!... seems to be bugs jumping everywhere :)
  8. Thomas (Homepage) wrote: Wow, it looks like a drawing somehow. You chose the perfect exposure time. Great.
  9. Kris Koeller (Homepage) wrote: Great shot. So cool.
  10. Dennis (Homepage) wrote: A very dynamic image. It seems to be in BW. However in the right lower corner there is soem color and onm the top slightly to the right also.
  11. Marcos Roberto (Homepage) wrote: AMAZING !! Wonderful BW *****
  12. Arjan - PLasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: THis is brilliant! You keep on amazing me with your images. All those tiny droplets dancing around the frame. Just wonderful.
  13. Laurent (Homepage) wrote: lovely sparkling water. The effect is really lovely
  14. yiannis krikis (Homepage) wrote: excellent b&w detail and great tonality
  15. Guido (Homepage) wrote: Un effetto bellissimo queste gocce che saltano. Sembra che siano dei piccoli animaletti.
  16. Luiza (Homepage) wrote: Cool! In the first moment it looked a bit like grey hairs:-) Good shot!
  17. Mats Ljunggren (Homepage) wrote: Wow, amazing photo. Love it, thanks for sharing.
  18. fabrizio (Homepage) wrote: bella ed aggressiva la bassa prospettiva ottimo lo scintillio di scena
  19. Mel (Homepage) wrote: i like the light in this one. did you made it black/white or is it cause of the backlight?
  20. Theys Roland (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful bw,i like.
  21. Frida (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful capture!

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