Johnny English Reborn

† 01-11-2011 † 18780 views

Al Cinema !

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  1. andrey samolinov (Homepage) wrote: Stunning photo - very expressive and dynamic really like it
  2. Paolo (Homepage) wrote: @ Luiza : i did this one using a filter nd b+w 10 stop, the camera was on a tripod because i wanted a 3 seconds shutter speed, that's the time a bus takes to pass in front of my camera.
  3. Luiza (Homepage) wrote: Very interesting. How dune it?
  4. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Very clever and creative. Terrific!
  5. Elsbeth (Homepage) wrote: Cool picture.
  6. CrashRyan (Homepage) wrote: nooooooooooo!!!!!!!! excellent capture
  7. Kala (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic motion blur!
  8. mel (Homepage) wrote: nice shot! but the movie is crap, not? :D
  9. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful framing! Love the soft rose color in this.
  10. buntagphoto (Homepage) wrote: That's a really substantial blur. Nice effect.
  11. Allie - H and B Digital (Homepage) wrote: nice image, love the colors, abstract quality to it that really makes it a striking photo!
  12. jelb (Homepage) wrote: Bonjour, An interesting site..Great range of tones and effects..Bravo! (I vote for your photoblog on photoblog awards..)
  13. Theys Roland (Homepage) wrote: A excellent photo!
  14. Paulo Pedroso (Homepage) wrote: Paolo, today I am going to give you a CFB vote! :) this shot is great! I really like the speed and the red in the middle! Kind Regards. Paulo :)
  15. yiannis krikis (Homepage) wrote: great use of motion blur - excellent colors
  16. Kris Koeller (Homepage) wrote: That's terrific. I don't care to see the movie, but the shot is a lot of fun.
  17. Calusarus (Homepage) wrote: Un très bel effet de filé !
  18. Visioplanet (Homepage) wrote: Taken from a moving car right? :) It did lead to a cool framing..

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